Oct 17 12 3:16 PM

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Family and Friends Round Robin:
A Cool Idea For Fun and a way to save your phone bill! Also very old fashioned!
What You Need:

  • At least 5 participants
  • A large sturdy manila envelope (or a tyvek olefin one)
  • Address labels
How To Do It:
  • Print out or make a sheet of address labels with everyone on the participation lists name and address on it 3 times, so if you have a participation list of 5 (including yourself) people, make a sheet of 15 labels with each persons address on it 3 times.
  • Take off the first label and affix it to the envelope, write or type a letter you want to share with everyone and place it in the envelope, if you want to add anything else such as a photo or a recipe or coupons etc. put that in there too, add the master sheet of labels and the instructions ( below) close it up, affix proper postage and mail it out.
Hi, this is a Round Robin, to participate, read everything inside this envelope, if something is specifically for you take it out, add your own letter and photos, recipes coupons etc, peel the label off the front of the envelope and add a new one from the sheet of labels, remove old postage and add new postage and mail it on to the next person. If the envelope gets tattered put everything in a new one,
When it comes backto the original sender take just the stuff you put in it out and add new stuff.
Thats it!
Happy Mailing!