Sep 19 12 7:58 PM

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Monica Lewinsky set to embarrass Bill Clinton in tell-all book

Lewinsky, 39, reportedly seeks revenge on Clinton, as she believes he escaped unscathed while she had never been able to shake the disgrace of their Oval Office trysts, reported Daily Mail citing her friends.

These friends claim publishers are scrambling to get their hands on the book and she could get as much a $12 million for recounting every tawdry detail.

  • Speaking to the National Enquirer tabloid, Lewinsky's friends said the memoir could even spark further health problems for the former president, who has undergone heart surgeries.

"Her book could be more than just revenge, it could kill him!", a source said.

Though Lewinsky has not yet secured a book deal, her apparent attempts to cash in on the affair could rattle the Clinton marriage - and wreck Hillary's bid for the presidency in 2016, the report added.

The book will also include never-before-seen love letters that she wrote to the president - some of which were so intimate she never sent them, another friend added.

They reportedly detail her love for Clinton and how Lewinsky, then just 22, could make him much happier than Hillary whom the ex-president called a "cold fish".