Jun 23 12 6:30 PM

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Naomi Wolf · 28,789 like this
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Why am I asking you to check sourcing of this trend of cannibalism stories? I had a highly creepy experience: I was at CNN about to go on the air. I saw they were running a big story about this couple who was allegedly beheaded on a jetski in a Mexican lake (same weirdly novelistic details, as if all written by Hunter Thompson.) I asked the producer on the story what their source was -- had they verified this in Mexico? The net effect was to call for armed forces at the border, something the bad guys have been wanting forever. SHe confessed that they had zero verification from Mexico and that their ONLY source for the story was one Texas sheriff who was famously right wing. The story then as you may recall sort of vanished. I asked her why they couldn't just call the Mexican police in that district to make sure there had even been a beheading on a jetski and she said we don't generally have time for that anymore. So a major tenet of 'real' journalism -- double sourcing -- is not longer rougtine in at least some major markets. I have seen this with other stories. Hence my caution...
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