Jun 13 12 10:30 AM

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So I was at an Asian market somewhere and I saw these interesting rechargeable batteries...

I made a mental note of the name and came home and added them to my Amazon Wishlist..
So I finally bought my Eneloops...

I bought the kit ion the blue box and then extras.

Notice the 2 LARGER Cs and Ds in the lower right bottom part of the box?
See how they are completely EMPTY?

Wanna know why?

That should explain it!

You ONLY need the AAA (triple As) and AA (double As) for EVERYTHING!!!
If you need a C, you put a charged AAA in the C sleeve and if you need a D you put an AA in the D Sleeve!


But wait theres MORE!

They are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and last longer then all other rechargeable batteries on the market today!

Cant beat that!

So invest in rechargeable today.

Stop throwing money and TOXINs in landfills...