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Dec 27 11 8:19 PM

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Since the American Military has pulled out of Iraq, Iraq Religious leaders are joining forces with Iran which will cause the Destablization of the Middle East. Bush, Chaney and their followers tried to push Western Style Democracy on the Iraqies when Bush invaded Iraq. Did the Bush administration really think that the Religious Fanatics in Itaq would conform to western ideals. All hell is breaking out now since it was reported that The  Religious leaders of Iraq have extended open arms to Mr. Ahmadinejad . The Sunni and Shiites Religious Leaders have been involved with bombings in the Iraq Cities since the U.S. Left.  Iran has WMD's and with Iraqs resources the two nations can develop into powerful war mongers going after Israel for starters.
  Bush could not be that ignorant of the fact that the Religious Wars going on in that region for centuries would subside with the influence of a couple of years of occupation of the U.S. troops in that country did he? Bush went after the oil like he and his Halliburton Buddies are going after the oil in Somalia and other regions in the ME area. Its all about the wealth with Bush, Chaney and Rummy and the rest of the Bush administration and Bush and his boys and lady should be brought up on International Charges for not only the distruction of Iraq as a whole but now the Destabilization of the area which is imminent in light of the religious leaders relying on their former enemies.

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