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Oct 14 11 12:41 AM

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Harold Camping: My Bad! I Miscalculated! New Rapture Date Oct 21, 2011

By Robert Paul Reyes

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"The evangelical Christian broadcaster whose much-ballyhooed Judgement Day prophecy went conspicuously unfulfilled on Saturday has a simple explanation for what went wrong -- he miscalculated.
Instead of the world physically coming to an end on May 21 with a great, cataclysmic earthquake, as he had predicted, Harold Camping, 89, said he now believes his forecast is playing out `spiritually,` with the actual apocalypse set to occur five months later, on October 21."
camping Reuters
Harold Camping didn`t hedge his bets, he emphatically and unequivocally prophesied that the Rapture would take place May, 21, 2011. The elderly preacher stated, time after time again, that believers would be physically removed from the Earth to meet Jesus Christ in the air. Camping wasn`t speaking metaphorically, he was convinced that the Rapture would be a physical and historical event.
Now the huckster claims that his prediction is playing out "spiritually", with the actual end of the world to occur five months later, on October 21, 2011. As SNL`s Church Lady would say: How convenient!
The con artist ruined by birthday, my friends and family were too preoccupied with May 21, to make much of a fuss about my birthday a couple of days later. Camping deserves to burn in hell for turning my life upside down.
Camping`s followers have invested too much spiritually and emotionally to desert their dear leader. If the old coot tells them to strip naked and dance on the streets on Judgement Day Oct 21, they will readily comply.
For goodness sake, I hope the 89-year-old kook will kick the bucket before October.

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Oct 16 11 10:12 AM

Debris of 'Doomsday' Comet Elenin to Pass by Earth Sunday

Date: 14 October 2011 Time: 07:31 AM ET
Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia caught these two images of comet Elenin on Aug. 19 (left) and Sept. 6, 2011. The images show a rapid dimming in the comet, possibly hinting at its disintegration.
Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia caught these two images of comet Elenin on Aug. 19 (left) and Sept. 6, 2011. The images show a rapid dimming in the comet, possibly hinting at its disintegration.
CREDIT: Michael Mattiazzo
The moment long feared by conspiracy theorists is nearly upon us: The "doomsday comet" Elenin will make its closest approach to Earth Sunday (Oct. 16). Or what's left of it will, anyway.
Comet Elenin started breaking up in August after being blasted by a huge solar storm, and a close pass by the sun on Sept. 10 apparently finished it off, astronomers say. So what will cruise within 22 million miles (35.4 million kilometers) of our planet Sunday is likely to be a stream of debris rather than a completely intact comet.
And the leftovers of Elenin won't return for 12,000 years, astronomers say.

"Folks are having trouble finding it, so I think it's probably dead and gone," said astronomer Don Yeomans of the Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. [Gallery: Comet Elenin in Pictures]
That means it probably won't present much of a skywatching show Sunday, scientists have said.
The doomsday comet
Elenin's apparent demise may come as a relief to some folks, since apocalyptic rumors circulating on the Internet portrayed the comet as a major threat to Earth.
One theory claimed Elenin would set off havoc on Earth after aligning with other heavenly bodies, spurring massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Another held that Elenin was not a comet at all, but in fact a rogue planet called Nibiru that would bring about the end times on Earth. After all, the comet's name could be taken as a spooky acronym: "Extinction-Level Event: Nibiru Is Nigh."
Those ideas were pure nonsense, Yeomans said.
"Elenin was a second-rate, wimpy little comet that never should have been noted for anything, really," he told "It was not even a bright one."
Elenin's remains will not be the only objects about to make their closest pass of Earth. One day after the Elenin flyby, the small asteroid 2009 TM8 will zip close by. Like Elenin, it poses no risk of striking our home planet.
Asteroid 2009 TM8 is about 21 feet (6.4 meters) wide and the size of a schoolbus. It will come within 212,000 miles of Earth  –  just inside the orbit of the moon  –  when it zips by on Monday morning (Oct. 17).
Say goodbye to Elenin
Elenin was named after its discoverer, Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin, who spotted it in December 2010. Before the icy wanderer broke up, its nucleus was likely 2 to 3 miles (3 to 5 km) in diameter, scientists say.
Elenin never posed any threat to life on Earth, Yeomans said. It was far too small to exert any appreciable influence on our planet unless it managed to hit us.
"Just driving to work every day in my subcompact car is going to have far more of a gravitational effect on Earth than this comet ever will," Yeomans said.
Elenin's supposed connection to earthquakes was just a correlation, and a weak one at that, he added. Relatively strong earthquakes occur every day somewhere on Earth, so it's easy — but not statistically valid — to blame some of them on the comet's changing position.
Yeomans views the frenzy over Elenin as a product of the Internet age, which allows loud and often uninformed voices to drown out the rather more prosaic results that scientists publish in peer-reviewed journals.
"It's a snowball effect on the Web," Yeomans said. "You get one or two folks who make an outrageous claim, and a bunch of others pile on. Some folks are actually making a living this way."
Elenin's crumbs will soon leave Earth in the rear-view mirror, speeding out on a long journey to the outer solar system. But Yeomans doesn't think the departure will keep the conspiracy theorists down for long.
"It's time to move on to the next armageddon," he said.
You can follow senior writer Mike Wall on Twitter: @michaeldwall. Follow for the latest in space science and exploration news on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook.

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Oct 18 11 7:04 PM

German satellite to crash to Earth this month


A satellite the size of a car will fall out of orbit after 21 years in space. Experts say it will reach Earth between October 20 and 25, but they can't say where it will land.


Up to 30 pieces of an old German satellite - weighing a combined 1.7 tons - are heading to Earth and are expected to enter our atmosphere between October 20 and 25. 
But the German Aerospace Center (DLR) says it is almost impossible to say where exactly the satellite will land.
"We've never found a satellite after it's re-entered Earth," said Andreas Schütz, a DLR spokesperson, in an interview with Deutsche Welle, "so we can't say for sure what happens when they do come back."
Free fall
The ROSAT X-ray observatory satellite was launched in 1990 and ended its mission nine years later.
It has no engine and has been virtually out of control since 1999.
Scientists have been tracking its course, enabling them to estimate the time of its return to earth. But the DLR says fluctuations in solar activity have raised the uncertainty.
"There's about a 20 percent chance that we're wrong about the date," said Schütz.
Satllite orbiting earthSatellites can orbit earth for years after their missions have ended "But we can say that although it will hit the earth's atmosphere at a speed of 27,500 kilometers (17,000 miles) per hour, it will slow to roughly 400 kph in about 10 minutes, raising its temperature to 2000 degrees, and so anything that can burn, will burn," said Schütz.
Vanishing Point

There may be 30 individual bits that make it to earth, but the biggest is likely to be the mirror of ROSAT's telescope because it can withstand the most heat.
The heaviest fragment could weigh 1.6 tons alone - about the same as an average car. However, DLR officials say it's most likely to fall into the sea.
"Simply because most of the planet is covered in water, ROSAT is likely to land in an ocean," said Schütz. "But we can't say for sure."
"We think 60-90 tons of satellite debris falls to earth every year world wide, but we don't really know because we've never found one – and that's probably because they land in water," said Schütz.
In September, an American satellite - said to have been the size of a bus - returned to earth unexpectedly and landed in the Pacific Ocean, according to the US space agency NASA.
But experts say there were no sightings or reliable accounts of damage of the six-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite.
Author: Zulfikar Abbany
Editor: Cyrus Farivar

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#11 [url]

Oct 21 11 6:59 AM

Radio prophet gone from airwaves on new Judgment Day eve

ALAMEDA, Calif (Reuters) - An evangelical broadcaster whose end-of-the-world prophecy earlier this year stirred a global media frenzy has vanished from the public eye and airwaves ahead of his recalibrated doomsday date, set for Friday.

Days after the apocalypse he originally predicted for May 21 conspicuously failed to materialize, Harold Camping emerged from a brief seclusion to say he had merely miscalculated by five months, and he pronounced a new Judgment Day, October 21.

The following month, the now 90-year-old former civil engineer was said by his California-based Christian radio network to have suffered a stroke that left him hospitalized.

He has largely dropped out of sight since then, and his daily radio program, "Open Forum," broadcast on more than 60 U.S. stations, has been canceled.

Moreover, there is little evidence that swarms of believers who once fanned out in cities nationwide with placards advertising Camping's message -- some giving up life savings in anticipation of being swept into heaven -- were following a new doomsday countdown.

Gone, too, are the billboards posted around the country by Camping's Family Radio network declaring that Judgment Day was at hand.
Reached by telephone on Thursday, network spokesman Tom Evans declined to comment on Camping or his prophecies, except to say that he had "retired" as a radio host but remained chairman of the board of Family Stations Inc.
Camping himself had little else to say when he answered the door of his home in nearby Alameda, wearing a bathrobe and leaning on a walker.
"We're not having a conversation," he said, shaking his head with a chuckle. "There's nothing to report here."
Municipal records show that a Sunday prayer group led by Camping, the Alameda Bible Fellowship, has continued to meet on a weekly basis in a large ground-floor room of the Veterans Memorial Building leased by the city Recreation and Parks Department.
Marcia Tsang, a facilities coordinator for the department, said receipts show Camping's group has been renting that space since at least 1996, paying the standard fee of $45 an hour. The room remains assigned to his fellowship under an evergreen reservation that extends beyond this week, she said.
Local American Legion officer Ron Parshall, 70, part of a veterans group that meets at the same building in an adjacent room one Sunday a month, said he sees Camping leading his Bible services there regularly.
He said the number of Camping's followers at the prayer meetings seems to have dwindled since the failed May 21 prophecy -- down to about 25 congregants on a typical Sunday -- plus about 20 youngsters who attend Sunday school classes in conjunction with the prayer group.
Parshall said he saw Camping about a month ago, that he showed no outward signs of debilitation and "wasn't limping at all."
"He was a nice man," Parshall said, adding "He was just too radical for me. Anyone who claims to be that close to God, I take it with a grain of salt."
(Writing by Steve Gorman; Editing by Cynthia Johnston)

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#12 [url]

Oct 21 11 7:01 AM

Happy Rapture Everyone!


Happy Rapture to you & everyone else too!!  Are you ready....

Where's the prophet?  I thought the kingdom of God was within?  Any way, since I'm still here....

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#18 [url]

Nov 1 11 4:47 PM

Harold Camping Apologizes For Faulty Rapture Predictions And Retires, Report States

First Posted: 11/1/11 02:03 PM ET Updated: 11/1/11 02:03 PM ET
Three proposed Rapture dates have come and gone, and the world has not ended.
Controversial Christian broadcaster Harold Camping has acknowledged his faulty projections, and issued an apology to his followers. The Christian Post reports that the longtime radio evangelist has retired.
Brandon Tauszik, documentarian, told the Post exclusively that he had spoken to Camping, who seemed "disappointed" by his failed predictions and said he "is no longer able to lead Family Radio Stations, Inc., or his ministry."
In an audio message posted on Camping's Family Radio website, the 90-year-old broadcaster told his listeners that the Rapture did not occur October 21 because it was ultimately God's will. "He could have stopped everything if He had wanted to," he said.
In addition, he admits that his calculations were wrong and tells his followers that "we should be very patient about this matter. At least in a minimal way we are learning to walk more and more humble before God."
Camping also apologized for a controversial comment saying that God had stopped saving people who did not believe in his May 21 spiritual judgment day predictions. Camping points out that believers must continue studying the Bible, praying, and remembering that God is in charge.
The evangelist claimed to have cracked a code in the Bible that allowed him to calculate the date of the Rapture. He predicted the world would end in 1994, May 2011, and then in October 2011, the Christian Post reports.
Some devout listeners reportedly sold their belongings and donated money to Camping's cause, the Associated Press reports.
For more on the story, view the video above.

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#19 [url]

Nov 5 11 9:07 PM

Enormous 1,300-foot wide asteroid zooming towards Earth, will pass close to moon on November 8  

The black space rock will not impact the Earth or moon

Saturday, November 5 2011, 2:59 AM

This image made from radar data taken in April 2010 by the Arecibo Radar Telescope in Puerto Rico shows asteroid 2005 YU55. The asteroid, bigger than an aircraft carrier, will dart between the Earth and moon Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 - the closest encounter by such a huge rock in 35 years.
The asteroid, bigger than an aircraft carrier, will dart between the Earth and moon Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 - the closest encounter by such a huge rock in 35 years.

A massive asteroid roughly the size of an aircraft carrier is barreling towards Earth, experts say, and will pass by on November 8.

The wide, round, blacker-than-coal space rock called YU55 measures approximately 1,300-feet in diameter - about four football fields - and will come closer to the Earth than any asteroid of this size since 1976.

But even though YU55 will be the most menacing interloper to come between the Earth and the moon, it's no homewrecker. The carefully monitored asteroid will not hit Earth or the moon, astronomers assure. And it won't mess with gravitational forces, either.

"Through our observations of the object, we know that there is NO chance of it impacting either the Earth or the moon," Scott Fisher, a program director of the NSF's Division of Astronomical Sciences said in an interview with ScienceNow.

At its closest point the asteroid will zoom past the blue planet at a distance of 201,700 miles on Tuesday at 6:28 pm. The average distance between the Earth and the moon is 238,854 miles.

Despite its size, YU55, discovered in 2005, will be difficult to see because of its distance. However, special telescopes are already set up to capture images and gather data from the curious object as it zooms through the neighborhood.

"It gives us a great (and rare) chance to study a near-Earth object like this," Fisher said.

Tuesday won't be the last time YU55, which completes an orbit around the sun nearly every 15 months, invades Earth's personal space. But scientists don't anticipate any potential danger - for at least the next century.

"We know exactly where it is going to be, and we don't have any chance of impact for the following hundred years," Marina Brozovic, a scientist and member of the JPL Goldstone radar team, said.

The asteroid's coordinates for any given time are available at the JPL Solar System Dynamics website, here:

Read more:

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