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Mar 25 11 12:15 PM

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Sale begins on March 27th, 2011

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Mar 27 11 5:19 PM

Just ordered online.   No CVS near me.   Closest was 40 miles away which did not have any in stocksad   Next nearest store had 5 but it was an hour and a half away, one way.    On line was the best
way for me get get onesmile    Hope I get the promised confirmation email soon---I will be bumbed
if they are not availablecrying        

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Mar 28 11 12:59 PM

Okay after playing with this thing for the past day i have to say


Its keyboard is not calibrated correctly, making me type llllll instead of Backspace, and it keeps freezing up.

Im returning it!

That said if you still wanna try it you might have to buy a few before you get a good one.

Good luck

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Mar 28 11 2:42 PM

Yeah, I looked online about those before I decided to not purchase.  Saw some better ones in a tablet search for around $225 - as in still upgradable and useful.   Caveat emperor with CVS on those.

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Mar 31 11 4:27 PM

Ok, mine just came.  Charging now.   I received a Sylvania Brand, which is what was shown in the
Sunday Ad Flyer.   Preesi you purchased a Craig.   I hope I have a better result than you did.
Let you know tomorrow--tonight is Bob night.   As in Seger!!!   Later...

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Apr 1 11 3:38 PM

I can not say it was a piece of shit.  Just not what I wanted.   Going back.
(Concert was Outstanding if anyone was wondering)

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