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You should get 30 Signal with LNB connected  even aiming at the ground.
Sounds to me like your receiver is defective-----Most likely a blown Tip42C Transistor on the main board.

Courtesy of setwire

First check for Voltage at sat in connection

Need a voltmeter set at DC Volts

Connect a short piece of coax to the Sat IN connector on the back of your receiver---Make sure you have Power turned off with back switch when doing this.--- turn power back on --- and check for voltage between centre copper and the screw connector.

With receiver ON you should be getting voltages switching between 13V-18V DC when changing between Vertical and horizontal TP's
If no voltage present or only 20V present then most likely you have a blown Tip42c or KA317 transistor.

These unit switches the voltages to your LNB 13V and 18V

18V = Horizontal TP's
13V = Vertical TP's

When they
 fails you will either get No Voltage showing at your Sat In connector or it will lock at 20Volts and not switch to 13V.

If it is locked at 20Volts you will only be able to get Horizontal TP's on your STB

If it is locked at 13V then you will only receive Vertical TP's.

If no voltage present then you will get No Signal Message


 Take the top off your box look on circuit board for a little black transistor ( it has metal top with hole, the heat sink, and three pins on bottom) located about one inch in front of where you hook sat wire.

 It could or could not be attached to an aluminum heatsink.

 Make sure you get right one, part Tip42c or in the case of Viewsat, CNX and Sonicview KA317.

The Tip42C is located directly in front of the shiny box that your sat in coax connects to.

It is Black and plastic with metal extending above it with a hole in metal and has 3 legs which are soldered to the board,

 Tip42C or KA317  is printed on the black plastic face.

Viewsat ultra's,Sonicview  and CNX Receivers  use the Fairchild KA317 Transistor and it is  Mounted to a Heatsink

**********If the KA 317 goes bad on a CNX Receiver you will get LNB F error on the display.

Take note of the way it is oriented, if mounted backwards it will not work.

If you are getting NO Signal Message and have No Voltage at your Sat In Connector Hook up sat wire and take a small screwdriver and touch first two pins toward back of box together.

 If you get a signal, then this transistor is bad and should be replaced.

NTE332 transistor is a direct replacement if you can't find the Tip42C.

Tip42A or Tip42B will not work.

Cost on these is under $2.

It has to be Tip42C or NTE332 or in the case of the Viewsat, CNX and Sonicview--- Fairchild KA317

Replacement for Fairchild KA317 is Fairchild LM317T.

The NTE332 is about $5 but are more robust and worth the extra $.


Available at most decent electronics stores.

To replace make sure you take note of the way it is oriented,Unscrew from  heat sink if one is present,  pull out your main board,from the bottom  desolder the 3 legs using solder wick or solder sucker, insert new transistor and resolder, Connect heat sink if one was used originally.