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Nov 14 10 1:30 AM

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I have lived in Chicago my whole life and I've never seen anything like this. I walked out my back door 2 weeks ago and heard bird chirps that I knew were unusual. I looked up and there had to be at least 30 quaker parrots sitting on the phone lines behind my house. As soon as I knew for sure I wasn't having flashbacks from the 70's, I ran and took some pics. Since then they have been hanging out in the Cockspur thorn trees behind my house eating the berries.

Does anyone who knows anything about birds know if this is unusual for parrots to be hanging around a city that gets mighty cold in the winter?  I went out today and bought a giant bag of sunflower seeds. I am going to make pop bottle feeders to hang from the trees back there. I'm terrified I'm going to walk out my door and find the ground scattered with frozen parrots.

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Nov 14 10 2:21 AM

OMG merette, I have never seen this in all my 52 years of living here. It's really weird. These suckers are big and noisy. My sister actually owned quakers and they were quite the talkers. If these birds keep hanging around my house I'm sure they'll be flying through the neighborhood swearing up a storm in no time LOL.

I saw an old post where someone reported seeing them in Hyde Park a couple years ago.. Since I'm right by Midway, I thought maybe a shipment had escaped from the airport. Thanks for the info. I'm the kooky lady on the block who feeds all the animals in the winter. I had to yell at my husband last week for eating the peanuts I had bought for the squirrels. I hope the parrots enjoy sunflower seeds.

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Nov 14 10 2:34 AM

Maybe you should call the Animal Control office or whatever it is.  Maybe they can give you some advice if they get out of hand.  Just be careful feeding them.  They might decide they own your property and start building nests everywhere.  I used to put food out for the birds all the time and they made nests in my gutters and the eaves.  It got so bad that they were practically falling off the roof.

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