Aug 27 10 1:07 PM

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The Not-So-Curious Case of the Clintons’ 1998 Christmas Photo

One of my co-workers went to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR this past weekend. Yesterday morning she came running into my office excited to show me a series of pictures that she found rather amusing. I agreed.
The pictures in question involve the four Christmas portraits that Bill and Hillary Clinton took from 1996-1999, with one in particular standing out:
What you might notice about this picture is that the married couple is not holding hands, nor even touching in any way. Odd, even for the Clintons, don’t you think?
Why does this jump out? Well, look at all four pictures. This is the only one in which they are not engaged in some type of embrace. (Click image to enlarge.)

The plaque below the pictures informs us of the years the pictures were taken:
So we know that the picture in question was taken in 1998. What could have happened in 1998 that would have made Hillary so disgusted with her husband that she couldn’t bear to touch him, even just to keep up appearances?
Oh yeah…this story broke:
Well that makes sense. Now that we have some context, I think the more amazing thing is that a Christmas picture was taken at all in 1998. Although, he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, so…