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Jul 16 10 9:23 PM

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Before I moved to Montgomery County (aka Shopping Mecca), I lived right over
the border in Chester County.

There were several small towns where I lived that all were kinda alike.
All old steel and manufacturing towns on the banks of the Schuylkill River

Spring City
Mont Claire
Fricks Lock

Limerick has a nuclear power plant, Phoenixville was the site of the movie THE
BLOB, Gratersford has a State Prison, Fricks Lock is a Ghost Town...

An abandoned mental hospital Pennhurst is just outside Spring City...and the river
runs thru it all and still has old locks and lock houses.

Just to set the stage for you mentally...

So while I was still living in the area, a few really strange things happened.
On July 17th, 1996 a TWA flight 800 just vanished into the sea over the
Atlantic, killing all 230 people on board. People say it was due to faulty gas
lines. I say it was due to someone shooting it down from the shores of NJ or

Prior to Flight 800 exploding over the Atlantic, a few really odd occurances
happened that make me feel as if my area had ties to BOTH the missile downing
of Flight 800 and foreign and domestic terror.

Here is my story...

A few days before Flight 800 was struck down I was in my 3 story home in
Kimberton, Pa. It was about 7 or 8 pm...
I heard sirens going off in the direction of Mont Claire, they went on and on for
what seemed like hours...

Then my sons father came down stairs from the 3rd floor and said "Preesi,
theres been helicopters flying all over the town and beyond for a LONG time
tonight! Now they are over our house!"

I got up and went upstairs to look out over the town and sure enough there was
a helicopter flying over my house with its spotlight shining on my house for the longest
I was suddenly scared to death thinking OMG someone escaped from Gratersford
Prison! I ran all over locking doors and windows and checking on our son.
I decided to call the cops to find out if I should be afraid!
I called the Police Station and she told me the Chief would call me personally

Eventually the sirens and helicopters stopped and finally the Chief Of Police
called me...
"Ms Jones?" he asked
"Yes" I responded
"Ms Jones can you tell me exactly what you saw tonight?" he asked
""Well, I heard sirens and saw helicopters with spotlights for  a..."
"Ms Jones you did not see or hear anything did you?"
"Yes, I just told you I saw..."
"NO!" he said sternly and emphatically, "YOU DIDNT SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING DID
I suddenly felt VERY afraid! And just said "No, I guess I saw nothing" and left
it at that...
In the 2 days after the sirens and helicopters, I saw zero in the newspapers or

Then Flight 800 blew out of the sky...

Years later I found THIS news story and picture above (written just 2 days after Flight 800 fell into the sea), ...

(source: "The Phoenixville Phoenix", July 20, 1996 issue)
The above photo, acquired through the generosity of "The Phoenixville Phoenix" editor Lynn Vander Burg, is the only know photograph of the incident. It was taken by Barry Taglieber.
The scene captured by photographer Taglieber shows the young camo-garbed men heading forward along the side of their truck, escorted by a local police officer. Portions of their cargo can be seen strapped on the bed of the truck. Upon the truck-bed, between the two Navy men, the fins of one of their devices can be observed. They appear to me to be white objects with stubby, swept-back, squared-off fins arranged in a cruciform shape.
If you have information or comments concerning the information contained in the above photograph or in the circumstances of the "Phoenixville Incident", please contact TWA 800 Case Files.

On the evening of July 19, 1996, two days after the crash of Flight 800, a rental truck was stopped in an "off the beaten track" street in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The truck was being driven by "two Navy officers" dressed in camouflage fatigue uniforms. A resident spotted the truck and thought the truck was transporting missiles and notified the local police of his concern.
The police took his report seriously and notified the National Guard which was put on standby. The "Naval officers" said they were traveling from the Willow Grove Naval Air Station to a site in Virginia and had rented a truck to transport the devices, which were identified as 'tracking devices'.
According to a follow up article in the Phoenixville newspaper ("The Phoenix") on July 23, 1996, officials at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station claimed to have no knowledge of the Naval officers, or any knowledge of a truck authorized to head to Virginia with equipment.
A Willow Grove spokes person said "That's really a strange route to take to Virginia." "Why would they be traveling in a rented truck? The government provides us with our own trucks." He continued "I don't think anyone here knows about it, but I'll definitely look into it."
Also, officials (unnamed) from the Philadelphia Navy Yards denied having any knowlege of the event.

The above was extracted and paraphrased from articles in:

The Phoenix Phone: (610)933-8926 Ext. 627
PO Box 689 Editor: Rita Cellucci (at the time)
Phoenixville, PA 19460-3449 Editor: Leann Pettit (present)

on July 20, 1996 and July 23, 1996

Nothing more has appeared in any newspaper regarding this incident. And as far as I know, the incident was not reported in any other paper - local or national. Was there a cover-up? Was this news story suppressed?
Interesting that the truck was carrying "tracking devices". A heat seeking air/ground, or air/air missle could be considered a "tracking device". Also the "tracking device" without a war-head could have created a spark when entering the fuel tank on the aircraft causing the explosion.
I also share the same questions that were put by the press to the unnamed official representing the Willow Grove Air Station.
Is this incident in any way connected to the downing of TWA Flight 800?
Many questions and no answers.

Then I moved to Montgomery County...

Right after we moved to Montco, the entire area from Limerick to Phoenixville
was struck by a domestic terrorist they called the Suburban Bomber...

MARCH 29, 2000 – 8:12 p.m.
A bomb blew up a car in the parking lot of Tarrytowne
Hardware, Schuykill Road, East Pikeland.
APRIL 8, 2000
Another bomb detonated and destroyed a vehicle
at Tarrytowne Hardware.
APRIL 27, 2000
A bomb detonated in a Dumpster in Gallagher’s
Tavern parking lot, Schuylkill Road, East Vincent.
JUNE 8, 2000
A bomb destroyed a vehicle in the Ames department
store parking lot, Schuykill Road, East Pikeland.
AUG. 23, 2000
Bomb detonated and damaged a vehicle in the
Westridge Development, Westridge Drive, Phoenixville.
NOV. 8, 2000
Bomb found on the windshield of a parked car on
West Debbie Lane in the Quail Crossing development.
It did not detonate.
NOV. 28, 2000
A live device was found, but did not detonate on
Mockingbird Lane, Phoenix Mobile Home Park,
DEC. 12, 2000
A maintenance worker found three live devices at
O’Grady’s Restaurant, Schuylkill Road, East Pikeland,
then carried them to Green Street, Royersford
before reporting it. No detonation.
FEB. 10, 2001
A bomb found at Our Lady of America Shopping
Center on Lewis Road, Limerick Township. Device
detonated by the bomb unit.
FEB. 10, 2001
A bomb found at a shopping center on Lewis
Road, Limerick Township. Device detonated by
bomb unit.

The cops and FBI developed a sketch of the Suburban Bomber...

Then on March 8th letters were sent to the Phoenix Newspaper and to Local ABC news
anchor Jim Gardner saying things like:

"3 more bomb in the Area"
"WE don't think there's any hope for this thing."
"A huge boom NEEDED."
"PUBLIC NOTICE 3 more bomb in the area surprises by 6-9 We're Tired and Lost."
"I.M. Waiting."
"I might have to wake people up."

Other parts of the Jim Gardner received letter reference people not living
morally and hinted at a bombing at Limerick Nuclear Power Plant if people didnt shape up...

Then it went quiet for the summer, then, September 11th, 2001 happened.


NOV. 20, 2001
An explosive device was detonated by authorities
on Emory Lane, off Church Hill Road, in East Vincent twp, Pa

The entire area was scared to death for a year and a half. This is from an ABC Action News report from 2004

This past Spring another possible lead surfaced half a world away in
war torn Iraq. An FBI investigator who had been on the bomb task force was now
stationed in Iraq. He was sent to interview a young man being held prisoner in
Mosul. Something clicked when the prisoner told the agent he was from Chester
County. Like many others he somewhat resembled the most recent police sketch of
the suspect. The prisoner worked on communications towers, like the ones only a
hundred yards from where the last bomb was found. The young man was Nick Berg,
who would later be kidnapped and executed. The FBI went to the Berg family
home, along with an investigator from the Bomb Task Force. Could this be the
break they were hoping for? At the time, Michael Berg was concerned only about
his son's safety, and didn't pay much attention when they asked about pipe
bombs and his son's whereabouts several years earlier.

Michael Berg/FATHER "The FBI in Iraq asked him if he could make a pipe bomb.
And he said, 'Yes he could, of course he never would.' But he certainly was
capable of the electronics of it ever since he was a kid."

Michael Berg was eventually able to prove that his son Nick was attending
classes at the University of Oklahoma at the time of the initial rash of
bombings. Nick was released a week after the FBI questioned his family, and
after they filed a lawsuit seeking his freedom. He was later kidnapped and
beheaded by Islamic extremists. Michael Berg says he understands investigators
had a job to do and doesn't blame them for Nick's eventual fate. Last month he
met with the FBI in Washington. He wanted to know if his son had been
officially ruled out.

"I asked them the same question. 'Is my son, at this time, suspected of ever
having done anything wrong?' Those were my exact words. And they emphatically
said, 'No.'"

This is the reason they were REALLY interested in Nick (from Wikipedia)

On May 14, it was revealed that Nick Berg had been investigated during
the U.S. government's investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui. Berg's email address
had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks. According
to Berg's father, Nick Berg had a chance encounter with an acquaintance of
Moussaoui on a bus in Norman, Oklahoma. This person had asked to borrow Berg's
laptop computer to send an email. Berg gave the details of his own email
account and password, which were later used by Moussaoui. The FBI found that
Berg had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui.[7]

I dont buy it!
I think Nick WAS involved and had help.Look at the side by side!

I think Nick Berg was in deep. I question why Nick was supposedly walking
around Iraq during a war...Doing "antenna work" and trying to solicit work for
his company...Who goes to Iraq during the height of the war to be a door to
door salesman?

It makes no sense!

How was he allowed into Iraq without authorization?

From Nicks Wikipedia entry:

Berg was a native of West Chester, Pennsylvania, a suburb of
Philadelphia, where he owned his own company, Prometheus Methods Tower Service.
He inspected and rebuilt communication antennas, and had previously visited
Kenya and Uganda on similar projects.

I think Nick either Was dabbling in bomb making with friends and was recruited by the US or was recruited by the enemy...
I think he stumbled upon something in Iraq and they killed im for what he knew.


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#3 [url]

Jul 18 10 4:51 PM

This insanity goes on in our government every day!!  The government hides MORE than the general public knows.  The government's philosophy, "The public is on a need to know basis.  IF we (the government) feel the public needs to know, THEN we will let the public know."  \

I know the location of an underground facility the government has tried to keep secret.  TRIED.  People drive by this facility every day.  From the outside, it looks like a maintenance area for military trucks.  It's a disguise.  It's actually an underground facility, 7 stories deep.  The elevators are built so military vehicles - 6X6 cargo trucks can be driven into the elevator then transported down.  The tunnels are HUGE.  This area looks like a place out of a scifi movie.  There are HUGE shelves with cans of non-perishable food, equipment, medication, etc.  Supposedly, in case of a nuclear threat or apocalyptic natural disaster, this facility will be one of the facilities that important governmental dignitaries will have first priority for evacuation.

How do I know, I was in the facility.

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#4 [url]

Jul 18 10 4:54 PM

I agree.  He knew something and was killed for it.

Just like the DC Madam who "committed suicide" wink wink.

And the black firemen who stated that he saw "bombs" in the parking lot of the WTC building.  I forgot where I read the story, but it was a sad and fucked up story.  He was killed for knowing too much.

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#6 [url]

Jul 18 10 6:51 PM

Do you believe that the video of his beheading is fake? It shows Berg being decapitated by Al-Zarqawi who was head of Al-Qaeda, in Iraq. The Wiki article states: "news outlets quoted a CIA source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, that a voice analysis of the tape has led the agency to conclude that the masked man who reads the statement and carries out the killing is "with high probability" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi."

It is quite odd that he was in Iraq, that much I agree with. I also totally believe hi50's description of the 7 story underground secret facility. I bet there are many of these. We all know that our government lies to us pretty much all the time. I don't believe that his beheading was done by our gov't. The video is very graphic and shows the whole thing. So, I don't believe that he was killed for knowing too much. It was Muslim Terrorists/Al-Qaeda who slaughtered him. What the fuck he was doing there, is a real interesting question.

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#8 [url]

Jul 18 10 7:00 PM

My son gets on me all the time for my "tin foil hat." This government is corrupt and dangerous. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! He thinks I'm crazy for believing out government had a hand in 911.

preesi are you a member @ DU?

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#10 [url]

Jul 18 10 7:03 PM

My son gets on me all the time for my tin foil hat. This government is corrupt and dangerous. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! He thinks I'm crazy be believing out government had a hand in 911.
preesi are you a member of DU?


Whats DU?

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#13 [url]

Aug 11 10 12:43 AM

Search Operation Northwoods...

Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba

In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.
Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.
The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba's then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

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#14 [url]

Jul 24 11 5:23 PM

Posted By: X
Date: Thursday, 23-May-2002 00:43:13

From: "Aftermath News" <>
Date: Wed May 22, 2002 4:56 pm
Subject: Fwd: Chandra Levy knew too much. She arranged Susan Carlson to view McVeigh execution
From: "Terry Anderson" <>
Subject: Chandra Levy knew too much. She arranged Susan Carlson to view
McVeigh execution
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 15:09:38 -0700
Updated: 05:58 p.m. EDT (2158 GMT) -- 22 May 2002
Chandra Levy's remains found
Medical examiner confirms human remains found in a Washington park are those
of missing intern Chandra Levy, D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey says.
Chandra Levy knew too much. Her friend Susan Carlson viewed the Timothy
McVeigh execution and noticed him still seeming to breath after he was
pronounced DEAD.
"Two years ago, I was told by a friend of mine that is an agent for MI-6,
that Tim McVeigh would wave all of his appeals and want to be executed as
quickly as possible. I have watched in horror as all that he has told me has
come to pass.
"He also told me that McVeigh's death would be faked, and that he would be
taken to what is called a 'Valhalla Compound' as part of Project: Gaia, a
super secret witness protection program set up for those in the world of
international espionage."
SEAN DAVID MORTON, Speaking on Art Bell COAST TO COAST, March 3, 2001
Execution Eye Witness -Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec.
"He appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing,
even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
Note: Susan Carlson was a friend of Chandra Levy! It was Chandra Levy who
arranged her friend's access to the McVeigh execution.
(Windows Media Player) - See and hear this first!
Execution Eye Witness
Okc boming cover-up:
CIA + CONDIT + Chandra Levy + Timothy McVeigh
By Jim Rarey August 9, 2001
For fans of western movies, the phrase "circling the wagons" immediately
evokes an image of pioneers with their Canastota Clippers forming a circle
to repel an attack, usually by Indians.
In media parlance today, the overworked phrase most often is used to
describe supporters of politicians rallying to the defense of their
beleaguered friend or meal ticket from the attacks of the media.
Supporters of Gary Condit are being compared to the circling of the wagons
as they castigate the media for its concentrated coverage of Condit,
claiming "it's only about sex" and why can't they leave the congressman
alone. Even a few in the media are taking this line.
This writer also believes the media is missing the mark, but for a different
Even most of Condit's supporters decry his sexual escapades. The analogy is
more like a bunch of forest rangers encircling a small brush fire, to keep
it from becoming a raging inferno, with the intention of letting it burn
itself out.
Most observers agree the Condit's political career is over, particularly if
some of the rumors about his bizarre sexual appetites prove true. If that is
true, then what "raging inferno" is lurking out there"
Most people believe the missing (former) intern, Chandra Levy, who was
having an affair with Condit, has been a victim of foul play. From the
polls, a majority also believes that Condit was somehow involved although
there is no proof as the congressman and his staff continue to stonewall the
authorities. All can agree that Condit's behavior makes it look like he is
hiding guilt about something.
As this writer has opined in earlier articles, the reason for Chandra's
disappearance and probable death may have nothing to do with her affair with
Condit. Chandra could have found or stumbled onto information that made her
dangerous to powerful people.
The most likely subject on which she would have that dangerous knowledge is
her assignment at the Bureau of Prisons shortly before her disappearance.
Chandra was working with the media making arrangements for press conferences
and the possible viewing of the execution of Timothy McVeigh.
Simultaneously, she was responsible for preparing daily news summaries for
the bureau staff.
As a matter of course, Chandra was surfing the web for references to
subjects of interest to the bureau. She also had access to and was searching
bureau records, presumably in conjunction with information found on the
Internet. We do not know what level of security clearance Chandra had and
whether or not she had access to other records of the Department of Justice,
of which the Bureau of Prisons is a part.
One of the stories circulating on the web at that time was the connection
between McVeigh and Dr. Louis Jolyn West, a CIA mind control expert. West
was alleged to have made up to 17 visits to McVeigh in prison.
By doing a web search on McVeigh's name, as Chandra most likely did, this
writer found some very interesting "coincidences."
According to mind control researcher David Hoffman, in 1946 Cornell
Aeronautical Laboratory was founded including the "Fund for the Study of
Human Ecology." The "fund" was a CIA financing conduit for mind control
experiments by emigre Nazi scientists and others under the direction of CIA
doctors Sidney Gotttlieb, Ewen Cameron and the same Louis Jolyn West.
Gottlieb, of course was the director of the CIA's infamous MK-ULTRA mind
control program. Cornell was later absorbed into Calspan Advanced Technology
Center in Buffalo, NY. The company continued experiments in mind control and
artificial intelligence. In 1997 Calspan was in turn absorbed by Virigian
Corp. Virigian's website gives no information as to its management or
ownership but is deeply involved in artificial intelligence.
Here is the strange "coincidence." After McVeigh left the army, he joined
the Army National Guard in Buffalo. He landed a job with Burns International
Security and was assigned to guard the premises of (you guessed it) Calspan.
McVeigh had told friends the army had implanted a microchip in him during
the Gulf war. (We now know that a number of soldiers were implanted with
microchips explained as an experiment to keep track of their locations
during battle.) The CIA doctors at Calspan were experimenting with merging
brain cells with microchips.
Could this be the "McVeigh connection" that Chandra uncovered?

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#16 [url]

Jun 19 13 7:04 AM

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Documentary aims to 'break silence' on crash of TWA Flight 800

By Mike M. Ahlers, CNN
updated 6:32 AM EDT, Wed June 19, 2013
Watch this video

What caused TWA Flight 800 to crash?

  • Producer: "One or more ordnance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash"
  • The documentary, "TWA Flight 800," will premiere July 17
  • It makes its debut on the anniversary of the crash
  • All 230 people aboard died when the plane exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean
(CNN) -- Skeptics who have long theorized that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by sinister forces will get a fresh surge of energy when a new documentary attempts to disprove that the 1996 crash was accidental.

The twist: It includes six members of the large accident investigation team who, publicists say, will "break their silence" on the cause of the explosion.

They will petition the National Transportation Safety Board to reopen its investigation some 17 years after the B-747 fell in pieces into the waters off of Long Island, New York.

They include Hank Hughes, who served as a senior accident investigator with the NTSB and helped reconstruct the aircraft following its destruction. Also included, Bob Young, a top TWA investigator who participated in the investigation, and Jim Speer, an accident investigator for the Airline Pilots Association.

"These investigators were not allowed to speak to the public or refute any comments made by their superiors and/or NTSB and FBI officials about their work at the time of the official investigation," a news release announcing the documentary said.

"They waited until after retirement to reveal how the official conclusion by the (NTSB) was falsified and lay out their case."

The documentary, "TWA Flight 800," will premiere July 17, the 17th anniversary of the crash.

The co-producer of the film, Tom Stalcup, is co-founder of the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization and has been a longtime and passionate critic of the official investigation.

Suspicions that criminals or terrorists were behind the TWA 800 explosion are not new. The FBI conducted a parallel investigation, but concluded that the incident was not a crime or terrorist attack.

The NTSB ultimately ruled that the explosion was caused by an electrical short, most likely originating in a fuel gauge line, which found its way into the center wing fuel tank, detonating the lethal fuel vapors there.

The NTSB said Tuesday that it was aware of the pending release of the documentary, which will air on EPIX TV network, and of the producers' intent to file a petition to reopen the investigation.

"As required by NTSB regulation, a petition for reconsideration of board findings ... must be based on the discovery of NEW evidence or on a showing that the board's findings are erroneous," NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said in a statement. "At this point, the NTSB has not received a petition, however, we stand ready to review one, should it be filed."

Petitions are reviewed and a determination typically is made within 60 days, but the NTSB can take longer if necessary, she said. The safety board's investigation of TWA 800 lasted four years and "remains one of the NTSB's most extensive investigations," Nantel said.

Investigators "spent an enormous amount of time reviewing, documenting and analyzing facts and data, and held a five-day public hearing to gather additional facts before determining the probable cause of the accident," she said.

But her statement leaves open the possibility the case will be re-opened.

"While the NTSB rarely re-investigates issues that have already been examined, our investigations are never closed, and we can review any new information not previously considered by board," it said.

The documentarians said they have a "trifecta of elements" that will "prove that the officially proposed fuel-air explosion did not cause the crash." That trifecta includes forensic evidence, first-hand sources and corroborating eyewitnesses, and the whistleblowing investigators.

The evidence proves that "one or more ordnance explosions outside the aircraft caused the crash," the producers said. But it does not identify or speculate on the source of the ordnance explosions.

All 230 people aboard TWA 800 died when the plane, headed for Paris, exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Scores of witnesses observed a streak of light and a fireball, giving early rise to suspicions that the terrorists had struck the plane with a rocket.

Investigators concluded the streak was likely burning fuel streaming from the plane's wing tank.

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#17 [url]

Aug 7 13 2:53 PM

Preesi, re-read your first post in this thread, especially the references to the NAVY. Then, read this:

By James D. Sanders

After 17 years of investigating a criminal cabal at the top of the Clinton administration and Department of Justice, which included my indictment and trial for investigating them, I finally gathered a comprehensive fact-set any rookie prosecutor can take to a grand jury and obtain indictments. First comes the low-ranking people that keep their federal jobs by engaging in willful blindness – sycophant savants, a common affliction within the FBI and Department of Justice. Then comes the middlemen, and so on up the line.

Such indictments will never happen, however, because the United States has become little more than a very large banana republic coasting along on its crumbling capitalist past. The story even includes two federal judges, one currently on the United States Supreme Court, who assisted the criminal cabal.

Before today the story has only been partially told, only in bits and pieces, allowing the criminal cabal to live worry-free. Much of what you read below has never before been revealed. What has been told before is part of the glue necessary to tell the comprehensive story.

This is the story, from beginning to end in its natural order: July 17, 1996, 12 minutes after takeoff from New York’s JFK Airport, TWA Flight 800 was blown out of the sky, killing all 230 people onboard. “Significant Naval units” were in the area, according to a Navy document. Three radar picked up a missile launch. Navy radar observed the missile closing in on the TWA 747, per a Navy radar database uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act. Two key witnesses observed the same missile merge with the aircraft. What happened is not too difficult to determine.

Federal investigators striving mightily to conjure up a politically contrived “Magic Mechanical” explanation made up inside the 1996 Clinton White House have not uncovered one scintilla of evidence pointing toward such a conclusion. In fact, Brookhaven and Sandia national labs, after exhaustive testing, established scientifically that no rational basis exists for calling the loss of TWA Flight 800 a mechanical event.

That warm July evening, a lady identified by the FBI as witness 73, from Madison, N.C., was standing on a beach on the south side of Long Island near Moriches Inlet, her feet in the cool ocean water, watching TWA Flight 800 about eight miles to the south over the Atlantic Ocean at 13,800 feet heading toward Paris, France. The 747 was easily visible – not a mere speck in the sky as the FBI would allege. As she watched the 747 level off she wondered where its lucky passengers were going.

Then, “while keeping her eyes on the aircraft, she observed a ‘red streak’ moving up from the ground toward the aircraft at an approximately 45 degree angle. The ‘red streak’ was leaving a light gray colored smoke trail. The ‘red streak’ went past the right side and above the aircraft before arcing back toward the aircraft’s right wing. (She) described the arc’s shape as resembling an upside down Nike swoosh logo. The smoke trail, which was light gray in color, was narrow initially and widened as it approached the aircraft.” The interviewing FBI agent’s handwritten notes said the missile struck the 747 “right in front of the right wing. She then observed the front of the aircraft separate from the back. …

“(She) was then asked if she had any opinion about what it was that she observed that evening. She replied that she believed that she witnessed a missile, which had been fired from a boat which was located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Order Sanders’ book detailing what witnesses saw the night Flight 800 went down – and how it differs vastly from the “official” version of events: “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America”

At the same time witness 73 observed TWA Flight 800 from a beach near Moriches Inlet, a commercial fisherman, Mike Gallagher, on his boat about eight miles due west of TWA Flight 800, observed the 747 heading east. He then observed an orange streak rise from the ocean, travel upward at an approximate 45 degree angle, approach TWA Flight 800′s right side. Gallagher initially thought the missile would miss the 747. At the last second, however, the missile turned sharply upward into the plane.

Gallagher, drawing a sketch of the 747 from an overhead view, told me the missile struck the aircraft at the point where the leading edge of the right wing meets the fuselage.

These key witness statements, along with approximately three dozen more, were criminally altered during a cooperative FBI-CIA effort to come to a magic mechanical conclusion. Each statement was altered without witness permission, to indicate the witness observed fire cascading down from the 747 and not missile-fire traveling upward to TWA Flight 800.'

Actions have consequences. Unintended consequences drove the criminal cabal to ever increasing lawlessness as they tried to get ahead of the information curve descending upon them.

Here’s the indisputable evidence. The Navy had “significant Naval units” in the area of TWA Flight 800, per the Navy’s own document. In July 2003 the Navy destroyed the document containing a detailed explanation of the Naval units – only those three words were released, in response to a FOIA request, as a means to describe the secret information. We need not wring our hands and wonder what was in that classified document. We know for certain the words in the document were even more significant than the synopsis statement: “significant Naval units.” We know where those significant Naval units were because of a weather inversion that night making it possible for FAA radar to look over the horizon where a Navy exercise was under way, just south of TWA’s flight path, no later then 2015 hours, East Coast time – approximately 16 minutes before TWA Flight 800 was shot down.

A probable missile launch southwest of TWA 800 was picked up by three radar, two FAA and one Navy. The FBI and NTSB covered it up – compelling evidence it was indeed a missile launch site. It came from the precise area of the ocean described by Mike Gallagher.

The U.S. Navy RP-44 radar picked up the missile approaching the right side of TWA Flight 800. The Navy covered up this evidence, bumping it up to compelling evidence.

The No. 3 engine, only a few feet from where two key witnesses placed the missile warhead blast, was blown away from the right wing – which jibes with the two key witness statements. It was the first major debris to fall into the ocean. This was a missile “signature,” so the FBI/NTSB moved this engine by paper alteration thousands of feet east where the last of the 747 debris fell into the ocean.

The warhead blast moved upward at an approximate 40 degree angle, blasting the floor of the center-fuel-tank (aka center-wing-tank) upward, as much as 16 inches into the right side of the 747′s Business Class – another missile signature. The 747 reconstruction at Long Island’s Calverton Hangar was therefore altered to hide yet another missile signature. Metal blown upward was cut away. The remainder was placed in a downward position, consistent with the magic mechanical scenario.

The warhead blast left explosive residue and/or solid fuel residue on the right wing, the right side fuselage exterior, inside the center-wing-tank and on the right side of the 747′s Business Class – a missile signature.

I obtained a residue sample, and after initial elemental analysis, a retired missile scientist said it was consistent with an incendiary warhead – unique to the U.S. Navy in 1996 – launched by one of the “significant Naval units” south of the 747.

NASA testing of residue from the center-wing-tank and Business Class tested positive for explosive. The NTSB ordered further testing halted and samples returned. The FBI and NTSB went public, falsely saying the NASA tests showed the tested residue to be “glue.”

The debris field that was pre-altered said the missile evidence was altered to read magic mechanical failure.

The flight data recorder was altered, removing the final four seconds or some multiple of four seconds.

Two federal judges assisted the cover-up. Federal District Court Judge Joana Seybert culled the pool from which 12 jurors were to be chosen to determine whether I conspired with an NTSB investigator to have residue tested to determine if it, too, was evidence of a missile. Judge Seybert removed anyone who believed the federal government might be guilty of a cover-up. She then blocked me from presenting a First Amendment defense.

The Navy document in my possession proving beyond any doubt that “significant Naval units” were in the area of TWA Flight 800 when it was shot out of the sky would have been an invaluable defense.

The Navy radar database I possessed with four data lines partially redacted to hide the missile approaching the 747s right side would have been an invaluable defense.

The FAA and Navy radar showing the missile launch would have been an invaluable defense.

The two key witnesses observing the missile approach and strike the right side of the 747 near where the right wing and fuselage connected would have been an invaluable defense.

The No. 3 engine blown away – as it must have been per the two key witness statements – the first major debris to fall from the stricken aircraft, a missile signature, would have been an invaluable defense.

NTSB and FBI factually false statements about NASA tested residue being glue when it had tested positive for explosive would have been an invaluable defense.

Revealing to the jury the alteration and cover-up of each significant part of the FBI/NTSB “investigation” would have been an invaluable defense.

But the judge said no First Amendment defense.

Even though the district court judge admitted there was no direct evidence against my wife, she was indicted when I refused to provide the FBI with the names of all those assisting my investigation of criminal acts. That would have been quite a list because a rather large insurrection was in the making inside Calverton Hangar. I even had a source very close to FBI Director Louis Freeh.

The Justice Department admitted no evidence existed for my wife, Elizabeth Sanders, to be made a “target” of the criminal cabal inside the TWA 800 investigation. Judge Seybert said it was OK for the wife of a journalist to be targeted in the absence of any evidence. So, even in the absence of any direct evidence at any stage of the DOJ/FBI investigation of Liz Sanders, it was OK for the jury to conclude she was guilty from indirect evidence. None existed, except what came out of the prosecutor’s mouth, and that allegedly does not count.

So Liz’s attorney appealed to the federal 2nd Circuit Court where Judge Sonia Sotomayor sat in judgment as the only actual current member of the 2nd Circuit on the three judge panel. During oral arguments, Sotomayor agreed that it was OK to target the wife of a journalist, even in the absence of evidence.

Sotomayor could not find a reason to uphold Liz Sanders’ conviction in the factual court transcript, so she altered the factual record. Liz’s attorney filed a brief pointing out the alteration. Sotomayor refused to overturn the conviction, implicating her in the DOJ conspiracy to deprive my wife of her civil rights. Sotomayor has been rewarded for her lawlessness. She is now a member of the United States Supreme Court.

America’s Department of Justice and Executive Branch would make a banana republic proud. Over the last decade, DOJ has argued in public and in court that the First Amendment’s freedom of the press no longer exists. Sometimes the statement will be qualified by “prior publication” being a possible exception under some circumstances. By 2004 that possible qualifier to DOJ’s extermination of press freedom was gone. Assistant U.S. Attorney James Fleissner said freedom of the press exists only under one circumstance, in a “very, very narrow” way where, as the AP wrote, “there has been intimidation or bad-faith investigations.” I know from personal experience that Fleissner’s words are factually false, which eliminates any First Amendment protection for journalists.

The Constitution was written primarily to protect the people from the ruling elite. Today the Constitution exists primarily to protect the ruling elite from the people.

James Sanders is a medically retired California police officer. His sixth book, “The Downing of TWA Flight 800 (Pinnacle, July 2013), is available as an e-book at Kindle, Nook and iPad. He co-authored the first book on the incident, “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America.” His website is

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(The second wow was for actually reading that with perimenopausal fog)

THIS part is maddening and sad

So Liz’s attorney appealed to the federal 2nd Circuit Court where Judge Sonia Sotomayor sat in judgment as the only actual current member of the 2nd Circuit on the three judge panel. During oral arguments, Sotomayor agreed that it was OK to target the wife of a journalist, even in the absence of evidence.
Sotomayor could not find a reason to uphold Liz Sanders’ conviction in the factual court transcript, so she altered the factual record. Liz’s attorney filed a brief pointing out the alteration. Sotomayor refused to overturn the conviction, implicating her in the DOJ conspiracy to deprive my wife of her civil rights. Sotomayor has been rewarded for her lawlessness. She is now a member of the United States Supreme Court.

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