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Jun 23 10 9:58 PM

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Jul 8 10 2:25 PM

I have to say this...


I should have never had to go thru the agony of the past few weeks of caring for a stray (un-neutered) cat who was no fucking doubt dropped in my area by someone who didnt want him or a kitten of an unfixed stray. Buying a trap and taking him to the vets only to get the bad news he was FIV positive with a bad bite mark on his back (possible rabies etc) and an upper respiratory infection and ten ticks on him!
And then agonizing for 2 days over putting him to sleep!

When you dump your pets or dont neuter your outdoor cats, they make babies who land on kind hearted peoples doorsteps who then have the burden and sadness of having to deal with YOUR poor decisions!

So spay and neuter!

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Jul 24 10 2:10 PM

I always had people dumping their pets off practically on my doorstep because the woods were just above my yard after you crossed the road. At one time we had about 13 but sent them to foster homes and now they are adopted. We have 4 that are vet fixed and are up to date on shots etc. The 13 cost us a pretty penny to get fixed, taken care of and fostered out but now they are in good homes with people that love them. PS: we also moved, buying our last home in the country where The ducks and turkeys from the home across the road come graze on our several acres, we can hear the cows up the road mooing and the sheep baaaahing and the horses and mules chatting with each other. Its a regular barnyard symphony here but I wouldn't have it any other way. When we saw our home we knew this was the home we wanted to retire in someday. I could sit for hours and watch the deer play in the upper field and the wild turkeys prance around like they own the land while the poor tame turkeys escape from our side yard to their home across the road, intimidated by these wild ones.
  Its the best out here and our " kids" and animals love it and wouldn't trade it for any where else.

Preesi did you have to have your puss put to sleep?  I just had to have my shitzu put to sleep as he developed kidney problems.. My poor Sam. He was my buddy and protector who came to me as a puppy after my daughter died. He had a good long run as it had been 16 yrs on earth with me.
  My hubb did not want another puppy because we have the cats and kids that keep me busy and on the go now.

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Jul 24 10 5:58 PM

Yes, he was very ill.

I even consulted with an FIV positive only shelter and they told me with the fever, sinus and chest infection, and bite mark they even recommended euthanizing him....


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Jul 25 10 12:42 PM

That breaks my heart. He was a handsome puss. What the hell is wrong with people. When dalmations were in fashion people who adopted them for their children as presents, birthday and christmas couldn't handle them and dropped them off on the back road behind my house and the woods. We sent 23 Dalmation pups to a no kill shelter and they were all adopted out to good homes.
  People are shit that don't want to take care of their animals and dump them off like their trash.

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Aug 28 10 5:02 PM

 Aww preesi, I'm sorry. I hate when people let their cats out to roam because the think that's what cats are suppose to do. No,it isn't what cats are suppose to do. It's not fair to the cat or safe to the person bringing a cat back in the house after it's infected with worms, parasites, and other diseases. It also makes for bad neighbors when the cats pee in neighbors gardens and try and kill every bird in the neighborhood. (Note to my neighbors with their roaming cats.)

It's never easy to lose an animal no matter how long you've had them.

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Sep 3 10 1:16 PM

A bunch of kittens showed up in our neighborhood recently. The kids said someone saw a van pull into our court and drop them out the door. I tried to round them up for a neighbor's daughter who rescues kittens but they took off and I never saw them again. A week or so later my husband went to mow the lawn and when he rolled out the mower, a kitten ran out from underneath it. She was really thin and totally dehydrated. We fed her and loved on her and kept saying she could stay *until* the rescue home had room for her... Then finally one day last week we named her and bought her toys. Lol. 

I'll have to get a pic up. She is black with chocolate brown stripes but not really tabby. The stripes go long ways down her back... Anyhoo, she's perfectly cuddly and sweet and since I'm the only female in a house of 5, I'm rather excited to have a "little girl". :) Because she survived the heat hunkered down under that mower, (and didn't get stuck in there when he fired it up), and because she's black, we named her "Lucky". 

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Nov 1 10 12:32 AM

I was just thinking about your stray earlier today - so now are there 2 of them? Oh, OT- I just discovered your post from back last June about your gorgeous and very resonably priced couches! Have they worn well so far because I am interested in getting for the family room?

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Nov 1 10 11:39 AM

My couches are doing great!

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