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Apr 21 10 6:05 PM

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Anyone have any experience with these types of portable A/Cs?
Not the particular brands but the style?

Do they cool well, do they die in 5 years?

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Apr 21 10 10:27 PM

I don't have experience with those A/C's in particular but, I did learn a few things about A/C recently...

You have to be sure that you have the correct size for the space.  Some would think that bigger is better, but it is not.  A unit that is too big will cycle on and off, too short and too often and not remove the humidity out of the air.  Thus you may have a cool temp in the room but you will have high humidity so it will feel warmer.  The key is to remove the humidity out of the air.  When there is less humidity you can have a warmer temperature in the room but feel more comfortable because the humidity is low.  I would steer you towards the one with the dehumidifier.  Apparently that is key with air conditioning...   removing the humidity. Good Luck!  

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Oct 18 10 7:26 PM

Oh gosh Preesi, talk about late to the Party:(   Just saw this.   I had one in my office at work until
late June this year.   Had it for 4 years then it croaked.   It was a bit loud for my liking, but did in fact cool well.   Was vented to outside by the same type of hose found on a cloths dryer.   Had
a compressor or something internally that took care of the humidity it took in,  (No need for
water catcher, drain, etc,)   It was replaced with a wall AC unit in early August--and yes, I endured one of the hottest Summers I can recall at work without any AC (Some days 110 heat index) in my office until I bitched loud and often enough to make something happen.   Needless to say, I am hated at work by my Boss.    I am too old, worked there too many years and have enough knowledge of what is the right thing for a Company to do regarding it's employees to put up with that kind of crap any more.  'Nuff said. 

Did you purchase one?

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Oct 18 10 8:34 PM

I would get a window mounted AC.  I had a portable unit, and hated it.  Not only do the portable cost more, it's not very 'portable'.

What those pictures don't show you, are the HUGE GIGANTIC TUBE that comes with the portable AC.  After all, the "hot exhaust air" needs to go somewhere.  Namely, out the window.

So you have to hook up that big tubing  to a nearby window.  And that's not as easy as it sound.  Some suggested using duct tape to get a proper seal.

Not only that, it's pretty loud too.  Having a portable unit sitting in the room with a tube sticking out the window, not a pretty sight.

We do have a central unit and I've have been using that this past summer instead.  The problem with this is that is cools the entire house, instead of a particular room. 

Good luck with your decision.

Pic of what I had.

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