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Sep 13 13 9:03 PM

It' so strange how Nicole Kidman seemed to lose, or give up, her two kids when she divorced Tom Cruise.

Even stranger, the media have never really questioned it.

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Sep 14 13 8:18 AM

Is anyone else reading along on the bunker about the trial in Texas? 
 What would it take to get Scientology declared not a religion?


What trial in Texas?

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Sep 15 13 7:53 AM

:::ROLL EYES::::

Some Words Of Wisdom From Prolific Philosopher Jaden Smith

September 14, 2013 / Posted by: Michael K
If you’ve always wanted to know how a kid would turn out if you gave him millions of dollars to buy whatever he wants (see: weed, beer, Xenu and diaper pants), never disciplined him and let him study only the subjects he wants to study (see: weed 101, beer 101, Xenu 101 and diaper pants 101), then here’s your answer. Down low Scientologist and the future US Secretary of Education Jaden Smith showed his Co$ness during the past couple of days when he dribbled out some capitalized words of wisdom on Twatter. Today I’m thankful for rich, celebrity teenagers on Twitter, because when they get deep, they get hilarious.
If Everybody In The World Capitalized The First Letter Of Every Word Everybody Would Be Really Fucking Tired Because Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word Is Exhausting. But seriously, are we sure Jaden Smith isn’t really a newborn baby who can speak, because he’s the most intelligent being on Planet Earth.
This is why it’s never a good idea for a Scientologist to tweet right after watching Baby Geniuses while stoned. And let me fix that last tweet for Jaden: School Scientology Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth. Much better!

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Sep 25 13 7:13 AM


Church Of Scientology: We ‘Could Care Less’ How ‘Self Absorbed’ Leah Remini Performs On DWTS

The Church of Scientology has fired back at former member Leah Remini, after the actress claimed on Dancing with the Stars Monday that the institution wants her to fail, following her defection from the religion this past summer.
A spokesperson for the Church called the King of Queens star “self-absorbed” for the comment, which was aired in a taped package documenting her practices with dance partner Tony Dovolani.
PHOTOS:  Scientology Celebrity Centre Celebrates Anniversary With Famous Members
“We know this may come as a surprise to someone as self-absorbed as Ms. Remini,” a spokesperson from the Church of Scientology told exclusively in a statement, “but we could care less if she wins or loses on Dancing With the Stars.”
As we previously reported, during Monday night’s show, Remini said, “The church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their parishioners, ‘Look what happens when you leave.’ They’re waiting for me to fail.”
Leah, who called her exodus from the church a “big change for me and my family,” said that when you’re invested in the church, “You’re used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself.”
PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists
Dovolani was a sensitive shoulder to cry on, as he vowed to do everything in his power to help the actress succeed in her stint on the ABC reality competition.
“Although there might be some people out there waiting for her to fail, I’m here to make sure she doesn’t,” he said.
On the dance floor, the 43-year-old thrived, getting a decent score of 24 for her samba.

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Oct 2 13 5:41 AM

It's by Jon Atack (I think that's how it's spelled). So far I'm 1/3 the way through. The first section deals with his history in the church (essentially madly studying up the levels, nothing much more, before he disconnected. Then it goes into L.Ron and the fraud that he is, giving the 'official' line and then the truth. 

I'm finding it very interesting.

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Dec 28 13 8:54 PM

Shenanigans going on in Tom Cruises world!
Well, the tabloid he sued threatened to call Katie on the stand and then suddenly TOM settled the suit
Soooooo, its true that he doesnt see Suri since she is now an SP
So he needs to fake that he does for his public (non Scientology) side
So the other day the Scientology PR people falsified a trip to Disneyworld with Connor, Isabella
by putting out numerous press releases saying
"Tom Cruise has holiday fun with Suri at Disney World"
Threw in a few fake tweets "OMG JUST SAW TOM CRUISE AND SURI AT DISNEYWORLD" (those have since been deleted)
And they got the to re run an old story where Tom and Suri WERE at Disneyworld
But that was proven to be from 2012 prior to the divorce...
As soon as all these reports came out Katie Holmes people released a statement saying that Suri was NOT at Disneyworld, and she was with Katie in NYC for Xmas
So he truly NEVER SEES HER...
Tom has abandoned his own child cause shes not a Scientologist
Hes standing by Co$, over his own child ....sickening!


^^^This twitter account released this then the page was removed

The media is on his tail

^^Look at how many people retweeted the lies!

Tom you are a disgusting human being!

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Jan 9 14 7:11 AM

Court Revelation: Church Of Scientology Created Secret Files Called ‘Dead Agent Packs’ On People Who Defected From The ChurchPosted on Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:37AM | By Radar Staff

imageFor years, there have been allegations by those who left Scientology that they faced orchestrated campaigns of blackmail and harassment by the church. Reps for the controversial group have always denied the charges, most recently saying that they “could care less” about former member Leah Remini. But new court documents exposing a never-before-seen conversation between church leader David Miscavige and his subordinates suggests that the church has in fact created the notorious “dead agent” files on departed Scientologists in the past, and that they have been used against those defectors.The new claims came to light in 29 pages of Blackberry text messages submitted to the court by former Scientologist Mark Rinder as part of Monique Rathbun‘s harassment lawsuit against Scientology leader David Miscavige and the church.In the text exchanges from 2007, Rinder and Miscavige discuss BBC journalist John Sweeney‘s attempts to interview former Scientologist, L.A. Dodgers coach Bruce Hines.PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists“They have been meeting with Bruce Hines this morning,” Rinder writes to Miscavige, via his secretary. “We are leaving people here to track their activities. … [They] have been briefed and are ready to handle them if they show up.”Miscavige responds, “I hope they have all the dope on Hines …”Rinder confirms, “Dear Sir, we have the da ['Dead Agent'] pack on Hines,” referring to a folder of his darkest secrets.EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Life After Scientology — Church Leader’s Niece Jenna Miscavige Hill“We will get this to Sweeney,” Rinder insists, and goes on to reference an altercation he had with Sweeney after telling him that another of his interview subjects, Shawn Lonsdale, had a history of lewd behavior, in an apparent attempt to discredit him as well.“I have read every DA pack I cld [sic] get my hands on,” church spokesman Tommy Davis texts Miscavige and Rinder of his own preparation to meet with Sweeney and hopefully discredit his interview subjects. “Went onto the net and saw every disgusting site and read everything I cld about [former Scientologists he wanted to interview]. I had … the DA docs…”And in yet another text, Rinder brings up the Dead Agent files once again, telling Miscavige, “We have the DA docs on [interview student Margaret Singer]. We will ensure the [Scientology officials] are briefed on them …”PHOTOS: The War Against Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Kirstie Alley’s Controversial Religion Explained In 17 Clicks!While it’s unclear if the church continues to compile such Dead Agent folders, this new court document offers a never-before-seen glimpse into how they have treated those who left the church in the past.

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Jan 9 14 7:12 AM

Scientology Under Investigation: New Details Of FBI Probe Into Human Trafficking Allegations Revealed In Court
Posted on Jan 8, 2014 @ 16:00PM | By Radar Staff

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david-miscavige-scientology-new-details WIDE

For years, as former Scientologists aired shocking claims about the church, the FBI was investigating perhaps the most disturbing allegation of all: that the controversial organization was involved in human trafficking. Now, court documents have revealed new details about the investigation, and how Tom Cruise‘s best friend, church leader David Miscavige, was involved.

The shocking claims about the investigation came to light as part of Monique Rathbun‘s ongoing harassment suit against Miscavige and the church. On January 1, former church member Mike Rinder filed a declaration about communications he once had with Miscavige, and how those text messages made their way into the hands of the FBI.

“In 2010, I was contacted by the FBI concerning an investigation they were conducting into David Miscavige and the church of Scientology centered on human trafficking,” Rinder writes in the court document, obtained by Radar.

“At their request,” he reveals, “I turned over everything I had concerning my communications with Miscavige.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists

That included roughly 29 pages of profanity-laden text messages to and from Miscavige that Rinder had downloaded off his Blackberry after leaving the church, according to the declaration.

“I kept a copy for myself,” he reveals.

Rinder’s comment offers a new glimpse into the top-secret investigation, which was first uncovered by journalist Lawrence Wright in a 2011 article for the New Yorker. According to Wright, agents were actively contacting former Scientologist regarding “human trafficking” in the church since at least December 2009.

Though the term sounds shocking, Wright explained, “Under federal law, slavery is defined, in part, by the use of coercion, torture, starvation, imprisonment, threats, and psychological abuse. The California penal code lists several indicators that someone may be a victim of human trafficking: signs of trauma or fatigue; being afraid or unable to talk, because of censorship by others or security measures that prevent communication with others; working in one place without the freedom to move about; owing a debt to one’s employer; and not having control over identification documents. Those conditions echo the testimony of many former Sea Org members …”

PHOTOS: The War Against Tom Cruise, John Travolta & Kirstie Alley’s Controversial Religion Explained In 17 Clicks!

As recently as December, 2012, the investigation was reportedly still ongoing, but there have been no new details leaked as of late.

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#195 [url]

Feb 6 14 8:24 AM

Top-Secret Scientology Planning Session EXPOSED In Undercover Video: ‘We’re Going To Keep Doing These Battles… We Have To Win’Posted on Feb 4, 2014 @ 4:11AM | By Radar StaffimageFor years, the inner workings of the Church of Scientology were a closely-guarded secret known to those who lived and worked behind its doors. But over the past few years, former members have started to leak troubling information about what goes on in the controversial organization, and now comes the most shocking exposé yet: An undercover journalist secretly attended and videotaped a Scientology Sea Org meeting, capturing high-level Church officials ranting about the “battles” they “have to win” as the church continues to crumble.The video shows a top-secret meeting of dozens of members of Scientology’s elite Sea Organization. As a presenter discusses recent happenings in the church, the mood quickly turns serious as talk turns to promoting the religion around the world and gaining new members.PHOTOS: Hollywood Stars Who Are Scientologists“We have many many more victories that we have to win. And we have to move those victories forward and get them won so we actually move toward a clear planet. We don’t really have a choice on that. And we’re gonna keep doing these battles.”

 Discussing a legal scuffle in Oregon in 1985, in which the church ultimately came out victorious after a former member sued them for fraud, the speaker continues, “The battle of Portland was pretty overt. The battles we’re fighting now are maybe not quite so overt but they’re still battles nonetheless.”“Like the battle to get people off drugs …” the speaker continues, referencing Scientology’s controversial Narconon program.Then, the speaker launches into a fundraising pitch, insisting the church needs to raise $3.5 million imminently.EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Life After Scientology — Church Leader’s Niece Jenna Miscavige HillIf church members don’t want to donate, the speaker tells the audience not to take ‘No’ for an answer. “Everybody has money or access to it,” she insists. “…people say they don’t have money when they do.”“You’ve got to sit there,” she says, “while we go online and look up all their credit cards so we can show them to you. So you can see that your people definitely have money.”This new video comes as the Church of Scientology is facing its greatest challenge yet in the form of a lawsuit from Monique Rathbun against Scientology and its leader, Tom Cruise‘s BFF David Miscavige, who she claims launched an all-out campaign of harassment against her and her husband, former church official Marty Rathbun.

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