Jan 12 10 9:55 PM

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Lets start the "Mood Hacking" series with Binaural Music...

Binaural beats are special auditory tones that are used to create specific brainwaves in the brain of the listener. The reason why binaural beats can act on the brain in this fashion is due to the fact that the brain has a tendency to follow the frequencies of certain outside stimuli. When tones, or even flashing lights like those used in mind machines, are presented to the brain in a certain way the brain will create brainwaves that are the exact same frequency as the lights or tones. This is a process known as brain entrainment.

So by flashing lights, or using special tones, at the specific frequencies it is possible to create specific brainwaves which have been proven to correspond to specific physical and mental states *.

So basically what that means is Binaural Music can make you FEEL good or even get you a little "high".

Lets listen to some binaural music. FIRST get some good stereo headphones and download from here or Google "Binaural Beats"


Silly WARNING for parents: