Jan 12 10 6:30 PM

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One day I ate a giant Claussens pickle, then right afterwards I ate a giant bowl of fresh steamed broccoli.
Somehow the residue of the pickle in my mouth intermingled with the flavors of something in the broccoli leading to my taste buds actually tasting FRENCH FRIES.

Last year I was made aware of a South American berry called Synsepalum dulcificum, aka Miracle Fruit.
If you eat one it makes sour foods taste sweet, like if you eat a berry you can then chew on a raw lemon and it will taste like you put sugar on it.

A popular April Fools trick is to serve a dinner that looks like its a savory home cooked meal, but its actually all candy and ice cream.

The restaurant El Bulli has been on the forefront of the burgeoning Molecular Gastronomy scene. They create fabulous creations such as "Chocolate Air" " Canteloupe Caviar" "Salt Foam Topped Frozen Margarita Cubes"

All of the above are instances of FOOD HACKING...

Next post Ill get into some more.