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Oct 26 09 8:51 PM

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A free martial arts MMO from Acclaim, with optional micropayments for buying extra items   

Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Chop people up, drink booze, leer over slave girIs and meet King Conan Now this is an MMO!

Anarchy     http://www.anarchy-.corn
It's looking worse for wear, but this sci-fi MMORPG is totally free and still very enjoyable   

Asheron's Call: Throne Destiny    http://ac.turbine.corn
Magic meets aliens in this classic tale survival against insurmountable odds       

City Heroes/City Villains
Play the goodies or the baddies with one subscription In this comic book MMO   

Dark Camelot
Go medieval with this classic RPG set in ancient Albion clueing Arthurian times   

Dungeons & Dragons
Fantasy MMO based on the tabletop RPG with action-driven gameplay       

An MMO set in deep space focusing on five races humanity and the Eve Gate   

The blockbusting fantasy MMO is still going strong. and its now great value for money   

EverQuest II
Join thousands players in the land Norrath. The latest expansion includes all previous add -ons   

Final Fantasy Xl:,shtml
The first Final Fantasy game to be played . The land Vana'diel is in peril and only you can save it.

As the name suggests, Fly For Fun is all about flying around. It's a cute MMO, nuff


Guild Wars Complete Collection
Retail MMO with no monthly fee. Includes the original game and all four expansion packs   

The 's fourth most played MMO. It's free but does offer additional content for premium members   

The Legend Mir 3
A typically impenetrable Korean MMO, but it's one the best if you are into grinding and levelling

Lineage II
A medieval MMO, Korean style, where knights and magical creatures clash head-on   

LOTR : Shadows Angmar
Could Frodo, Gandalf and co. be enough to tempt    players away from ?   

The Matrix
Neo and company gang up against a relentless army Agent Smiths. Perfect MMO subject material

Phantasy Star Universe
Play on or offline in this continuation the classic Sega RPG       

Pirates The
Pirates are most definitely en vogue, so this has to be the first MMO that makes players cool, right?    

Planetarion    http://www.planetarion,com
A browser-based MMO places gamers in control a planet mining its ateroids for resources end sending fleets spaceships against other players

Jump into powered armour, tanks, buggies, aircraft and wield allmanner guns in this MMOFPS   

Classic MMORPG from Frogster in a fantasy setting and a D&D style, dual-class system   

The second-most subscribed MMO in the end utterly different frorn the Azeroth   

Star Wars Galaxies (complete)
Despite SOE's best attempts at killing it, SWG is still going and is a great experience for die-hard Star Wars fans.

A classic among MMOs that is set in the land Britannia and has spawned no less than seven expansions

Vanguard: Saga
Set in the land Thestra. this RPG was released earlier last year and is fast becoming a cult hit   

Warhammer Online
Arguably the biggest and smoothest MMO Iaunch ever WAR is proving incredibly popular and tempting more than a few from wonders WOW

World Of Warcraft
A game that needs no introduction -11 million players worldwide    can't be wrong   

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