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Apr 7 15 4:21 PM

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In 2012 when Katie Holmes brazenly filed for divorce from Tom Cruise to assure that their daughter wouldnt be raised to go to the SeaOrg when she reached age, I was watching carefully what Tom Cruise would do, would he go along acting like nothing was wrong to save face? Or would he drop his own flesh and blood for the church via Scientology "Disconnection". I watched the tabloids and Web Gossip sites, and not one time from the day Katie Holmes brilliantly filed for divorce, till today, has there ever been one picture of Tom and Suri together. NOT A SINGLE ONE

A year later, InTouch magazine wrote a story saying Tom had abandoned Suri, Tom then sued InTouch and when inTouch threatened to call Katie Holmes to the stand Tom capitulated and dropped the suit..In Scientology circles this is unprecidented. The Church of Scientology is a heavily litigious organization, they will sue for everything they can and not back down.Why did Tom back down?

Because he has abandoned Suri, because as a non Scientologist, she is now an SP
(Supressive Person)

Most PR agents in Hollywood would have IMMEDIATELY, the very next day after dropping the lawsuit, arranged a photo op where Tom takes Suri to someplace like The Ivy to get papped, thus proving he had not abanoned her and all would be well...No photo op ever surfaced.

Tom please tell us you really arent a deadbeat dad...Its looking very very bad.

In December 2013 I was watching some interesting happenings on the internet about Tom Cruise, that in light of the HBO movie I think people on the internet gossip machine would be interested in...

I wrote this in 2013:

Dec 28 13 8:54 PM

Shenanigans going on in Tom Cruises world!
Well, the tabloid he sued threatened to call Katie on the stand and then suddenly TOM settled the suit
Soooooo, its true that he doesnt see Suri since she is now an SP
So he needs to fake that he does for his public (non Scientology) side
So the other day the Scientology PR people falsified a trip to Disneyworld with Connor, Isabella
by putting out numerous press releases saying
"Tom Cruise has holiday fun with Suri at Disney World"
Threw in a few fake tweets "OMG JUST SAW TOM CRUISE AND SURI AT DISNEYWORLD" (those have since been deleted)
And they got the to re run an old story where Tom and Suri WERE at Disneyworld
But that was proven to be from 2012 prior to the divorce...
As soon as all these reports came out Katie Holmes people released a statement saying that Suri was NOT at Disneyworld, and she was with Katie in NYC for Xmas
So he truly NEVER SEES HER...
Tom has abandoned his own child cause shes not a Scientologist
Hes standing by Co$, over his own child ....sickening!


^^^This twitter account released this then the page was removed

The media is on his tail

^^Look at how many people retweeted the lies!

Tom you are a disgusting human being!
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