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May 12 08 2:37 PM

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With all the economic troubles and food shortages people are talking about,
it makes sense to plan ahead and put together a Food Storage Trunk just in
case we need it....

Ill tell you what I have in mine and maybe you can copy it and adjust it to your
family's needs...

I have mine packed away in a large cooler (
I use a cooler because I had the cooler for power outages and it was wasting space
anyway, why not use it. Plus if the economy does get bad and we have rolling outages
I can use the cooler too..

Anyway, this is what is in mine:

20 pound bag of rice in Glass Jar with Oxygen Absorbers and Silica packs
9 cans green beans
9 cans zucchini in tomato sauce
9 cans meatballs in tomato sauce
1 supersized can of dried whole milk, NIDO brand (
1 can dried cooked chicken (
1 can dried eggs (
2 large packs AA batteries
Asst meds

I also have a 6000 watt generator
and one of these, and plenty of lp gas for it ( :

Cheap Drugs:
Read First:
Read Second:

THERE! Now tell me what you have in yours?

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